work environment

• Six separate 6- and 5-storey buildings
• Offices ranging from 200 sq m. up to large floor plates with a maximum of 4.000 sq m. (by  

interconnecting adjoining buildings
• Flexible space planning - from cellular offices to open plan office configurations
• Efficient floor design to provide a variety of layouts and optimal space utilization:
� - Raised floor
� - 1.35 m grid
� - 1.2 m x 0.3 m detachable metal strip suspended ceilings with
• Each standard office is equipped with:
� - Large glass entrance door
� - Private restrooms
� - Private tea room/kitchenette
� - Electrical main switch in the office areas

technology for business performance

• Environmentally friendly air-conditioning system by fan coils located above the suspended ceiling
• Electronic monitoring of building engineering systems
• Temperature control adjustable in each room and zone
• Additional cooling capacity available for specific requirements (computer rooms, trading rooms

• Detachable metal strip grid ceiling in the entire office area
• 100 mm thick plasterboard stud walls with internal sound insulation
• 40 mm thick doors with wooden veneer and painted steel frames
• Ceramic tiles in restroom areas and kitchenettes, on walls and floors
• Recessed light fittings and air outlets in suspended ceilings
• Double glazed insulated tinted openable windows
• Adjustable external, electrically operated sun shades
• Carpeting on a 13 cm-high cavity floor (raised floor)
• Intelligent fire alarm system
• Emergency elevators
• Coverage for all Hungarian mobile service providers
• WiFi access in the shopping center